This was my first time to a Scandinavian country and it happened to be… SURPRISE!!!… a restaurant, which was the reason for the visit.

Before arriving we heard Copenhagen had just received more rainfall in the last 24hrs that the previous 20yrs. Something like that anyway.  I live in London so this didn’t sound too impressive.

When we got there it was raining. Drink anyone?

For my two day visit Copenhagen was nice and orderly and the people good looking if not a little serious, and hardly anyone locks up their bikes. This is very strange when you live in London.

A quick drink at an impressive cocktail bar called Ruby was perfect for preparing the palette for Noma.

Rating restaurants is a difficult thing, so I’m not going to say whether I think Noma should be number 1 or not. I will say the food presentation, journey of flavours and general service  was not only special but unique. There may have been a small amount of champagne which went missing but that’s nothing to get too worked up about.

We had the 12 course menu and didn’t drink red wine.

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