Le Chateaubriand

It has been well publicised that Chef-patron Iñaki Aizpitarte wanted to create a restaurant where his friends could afford to eat. I’m guessing he wasn’t expecting his restaurant to be ranked number 11 in the 50 best restaurants of the world in 2010 and then number 9 in 2011.

Despite this high ranking La Chateaubriand has no Michelin stars to speak of. Intriguing considering I’ve been to restaurants which hold 3 Michelin stars and arn’t ranked in the 100 best restaurants in the world.

Honestly, I felt for him. Yes his restaurant is now famous and is booked out every night with queues to get a seat for the second sitting. My query is do people still enjoy it for what it is or do they compare it to other highly ranked restaurants in the world? I confess I am guilty of the latter.

My three dining companions and I had the six course tasting menu (which is the only option) for 50€ with matching wines for an additional 45€. I forgot to take a menu with me although found the 95€ for the meal to be good value. The food is well thought out, interesting and very tasty. Saying that it is still rustic and fine dining addicts will find imperfections.

Will I go back next time I am in Paris? Definitely.

1st amuse bouche: cheese pastry (gougere).

2nd amuse bouche: avocado lemongrass juice.

3rd amuse bouche: celery with truffle.

4th amuse bouche: duck heart.

1st course: carrot foie gras aniseed soup.

2nd course: mackerel cabbage parsnips.

3rd course: barbue (bass).

4th course: veal truffles.

5th course: berry ice cream.

6th course: chocolate soil.

129 Avenue Parmentier, Paris 75011, France +33 (0)1 43 57 45 95

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