Gourmet Lovers Brunch Club

I had met Nick and Bex through friends before I knew they were such foodies. Their blog http://gourmetlovers.blogspot.com/ is a great portal to the food and flavour they’re into and gives a taste of the brunch club they run out of their stoke newington pad.

Checking out pics from previous brunches I was keen to attend, and even keener when I heard their next brunch was going have an Asian-fusion inspired menu.

Being honest here, I’m not a morning person. And by my definition anything before 3pm, is morning. So to make it to their house by 11am, even after the previous nights indiscretions, I was doing well.

After downing a well made bloody mary we were greeted with the amuse bouche.

Bacon, mushroom and emmental gyoza to be matched with plum wine. Papaya avocado salad spoon to be matched with coconut water and a strawberry sushi crepe with matcha chocolate cream to be matched with green tea.

I have to take my hat off to Nick, Bex and guest chef Mel. All fusions and matching worked really well. The plum wine with the gyoza was my favourite.

A choice was given before the day of 4 mains, I went for the sweet potato katsu hash brown, grilled marinated chicken and crunchy salad with miso mustard dressing. There were alot of elements to this dish although everything was cooked perfectly and presented very well. The marinated chicken with miso mustard dressing was wonderful.

A friend of mine had the grilled chinese sausage, shitake mushrooms and brown ginger fried rice topped with fried egg with crispy garlic and ginger.

And if one dish gave me a case of food envy it was the mango and coconut galette with macha pannacotta. Unfortunately I only have a photo of the galette, will have to track down a photo of the complete dish.

And just when you feel as though you can not eat any more out came plates of matcha (milled green tea) cupcakes. While I was full I had to have two, just to check for consistency.

It’s very difficult to find fault in the Gourmet Lovers approach and operation. Peaceful location, food well thought out with structured and balanced flavours, they even have newspapers and a set of decks with some classic vinyl. All this for a minimum donation of £15. I’ll be back.


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