Which region? Which country?

A normal Sunday. I had visited the farmers market and the bakery, and now with all the items on my shopping list showing a corresponding tick, it was time to get my weekly (and only) dose of practical philosophy from my friends at the Sampler. After the usual friendly greetings D posed an interesting question which still to this day occupies much of my thought. 

The first part went something like this, “if you can choose two countries, and only two countries, to drink wine from for the rest of your life, which two countries would you choose?” In my state of delayed Sunday thought processes, I started listing all the wine growing regions I have a particular fondness for; Bordeaux, Burgundy, Central Otago, Barolo, The Hunter Valley, Tuscany, the Rhone, Rioja. It was at this time I realised I had 3 regions from France in my list, more than any other country. So by this reckoning France should be the first of the two countries I should choose. 

As I was about to verbalise this point, stating my first country of choice. D, knowing full well what I was about to say, hit me with the second part of the question, which went something like, “almost all of us picked France as one of our two countries, so lets make it more interesting. The revised question now is, you can either drink wine only from France for the rest of your life or you can drink wine from all countries in the world excluding France for the rest of you life. Which would you choose?”

Tough one, still thinking about it.

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